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Institut d'Ensenyament Secundari EMILI DARDER

Palma de Mallorca - SPAIN

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IES Emili Darder
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IES Emili Darder is a Secondary School in an urban area in Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of the Balearic Islands.
It was open in 1995 to cover the need of new schools offering ESO (Compulsory Education) levels, following the 1990 Educational Law (LOGSE) that extended up to 16 the age of compulsory education. In 2005 we celebrated our 10th anniversary.
Today the school offers the 4 years of ESO and 2 modalities of High Secondary Education: Social and Scientific. Vocational studies complement the ones offered by nearby schools and offer elemmentary studies of Computer Engineering.

The school has developed an identity of its own and an educational community eager to get involved in new projects.

An overview on school facilities and some of its projects can be seen at the link below.
IES Emili Darder IES Emili Darder
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