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The typical Spanish music is  Flamenco, and the typical Catalan music is the Sardana.
Nowadays, the teenagers, listen to dancing music and dance it in the discos.
There are a lot of types of music: Rap, Hip-Hop, Dance, House, Progressive, Popular, Traditional music.
Music and Television
In Spain there are 2 TV programmes with a very large audience. One of them is Operación Triunfo (OT) and the other is Un Paso Adelante (UPA) - One Step Forward in English. OT is an academy of boys and girls who want to be singers. The last OT was won by a girl called Rosa and this year it was won by another girl called Ainhoa. The winners record their CD.
The boys and girls of UPA record their CD too. Their group is called UPA Dance.
In Spain these groups sell a lot of discs and they have a lot of songs in the number 1s during the year. These groups work very hard in the TV series and do concerts around Spain and Latin America.

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My favourite group is Alien Ant Farm. They are from EEUU and their music is very good. My favourite Alien Ant Farm song is Smooth Criminal. This song is from the soundtrack of a film, but I don’t remember the name of the film. Some of my friends listen to this music but it is not played in the discos. Many surfers and skaters listen to this group, too.
There are 4 or 5 boys in the group. The videos of their songs are very funny and interesting. I don’t know how many awards they have won. If Alien Ant Farm comes to Barcelona, I will go to the concert.
I like Eminem a lot, too. His rap is very good and I listen to a lot of Eminem music in my house. The songs White America, Stan (feat. Dido), Slim Shady, Cleaning out my closet... are very good too.
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