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All the eJournals will be closed in June 2016.




All the eJournals will be closed in June 2016.

But because we cannot trust that they will always work well, I propose that you start to search for other platforms.

You know that we faced some problems with eJournals. The original software is getting too old and that seems to cause problems that technicians cannot solve or explain. It is not working well with new browsers ect. latest web technologies. So far it has been updated many times since 2002, but now it had to be done by developing totally new tool. At the same time there are so many free tools and platforms available free of charge on web. Therefore it has no sense to do that.

At some moments - when you try to open an eJournal - you see only the URL and a blank page. Usually later you see the eJournal again.
We are worried that this phenomenon will happen more and more often. The platform should be reliable especially in periods that many are working in the projects. Now also Eumind secondary school projects and schools is discussing about to switch to one or more alternative platforms.
Therefore we recommend that you will change platform.
However we do not delete the contents soon. We keep it on server for one year so that you can save what you need.
eJournals have served thousands of schools and projects since 2002. But eJournals have become too old . We are terribly sorry for that.
eJournal team


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