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INVITATION- Partner search:
Secondary and primary schools in Europe:
 EUMIND website:     http://www.eumind.net/

EUMIND, Europe Meets India Network invites new schools from Europe to join the action with schools from  Mumbai , Delhi and Manipur area, India.
 EUMIND is a platform for networking with schools in India and Europe and for promoting interaction and intercultural understanding between their teachers and students.

The aim is not to get an as big number of schools as possible but schools that are committed to make quality projects and  also student exchanges. The students age range in secondary schools  will be mainly from 13 to 18 and in primary schools 10-12 years.
Primary school project models will not be so demanding as with secondary  Schools and primary schools not need to be committed to student exchanges and also students' language requirements are not so demanding. In primary level the teachers' role in communication is bigger anyway, as we all know from Comenius projects.
Manipur state is mainly a rural area, so it is a good opportunity also for small rural schools in Europe to join cooperation with India. Eumind schools in Delhi and Mumbai are highly ranked quality institutions. Projects and exchanges will be done mainly with secondary and upper secondary levels. (Student age 13 - 18 years)
If your school is interested to join EUMIND, please send a mail to

We will respond by informing you about EUMIND schools in India, about their profiles, activities and resources. It is worth asking. Please also tell us shortly about your school!
English is the mutual language of communication of the EUMIND activities, of virtual eJournal projects and of student and teacher exchanges.
Schools with CLIL (Content Learning in Languages) are especially keen on transcontinental project work between Europe and India, because English is favoured in school syllabuses on both sides. Also other schools are welcome to join.

In addition, time zones of Europe and India easily allow videoconference contacts during the office hours. Videoconferencing is easily available to all Eumind schools via eJournals.

EUMIND has been established as early as in 2008, after two preliminary years of contacts since 2006. EUMIND schools run internet-based eJournal projects and organise study visits of teachers / headmasters and exchanges of students. There will also be opportunities for internships. EUMIND is originally the iniative of Comp@ct Comenius Network and Euneos.

Exchanges will be always agreed between schools. The schools will be committed to accommodate their guests in the homes of students of the partner school, which saves money.
That has worked also in India wery well. The families of Indian Eumind students specially in New Delhi area and Mumbai have high socio economic status and they are able to host European students.
Students don't pay for a stay in a host family and they are willing to host the Indian students when there will be a reciprocal visit.  
The web tool eJournal is used in the EUMIND action. eJournals were developed within the framework of the COMP@CT Comenius network 2001-2004 and developed further since then. eJournal offers e.g. an easy publishing online tool and include a built-in videoconferencing room, embedding and a video server. Students conduct research with the help of project scenarios on general themes such as Go Green, Values, Regions, Arts and Human Rights…. The themes will be agreed by the schools together every year by each network.
We also arrange guided visits for European teachers to Eumind schools in India.
Annual Eumind  timetable:

-  March - June:  matching eJournal Projects Mumbai, Pune,   Panchgani and Delhi schools with European schools in The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Finland and other European countrias.

- August:  Kick off projects in India

- September : Kick off projects in Europe

-Project period will be up to end of January  - February.

 Read more 
 about eJournal projects at www.eumind.net on the frontpage or http://ejournal.eumind.net/  See eJournal projects in Library content (at the right).

 India Days in Europe:
In Europe there there has been organised  annual India Network day for Eumind schools from The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. 
Click here to view about 2012 India Day  photos.
EUMIND is not a programme of the European Union. It is a programme that  started together with the Indian and European schools. Therefore member schools pay membership fee to cover the costs. 
For European primary schools there is not any membership fee. For secondary  schools it is 300 eur/ school year because of the bigger work load, organising visits and student and teacher exchanges. In India the membership fees are decided by local Boards.

India is an interesting country for many companies nowadays and it is perhaps possible to find support to cover the costs. In some countries it is possible to get a national grant to cover travel and other costs.

The BIG BENEFIT is that the bureaucracy is much lower than in many EU programs. No project applications, no heavy reporting, no financial regulations etc. That makes the EUMIND programme interesting for many schools.

We have agreed with the members that they will make an easy and fast evaluation yearly online and the projects will be documented well on eJournals.

The fee includes the use of the common eJournals for projects, online evaluation of projects and guidance and help in planning the projects. We also promise to match the partner schools so that every member school will have a successful project. The aim is that in each eJournal project there are a few schools from Europe and a few schools from India in the same project.

We also organise needed training. Details of training will be agreed in each case.

Ludo Mateusen, Chair of EUMIND Europe
Pentti Pirhonen, Ilpo Halonen,
Eumind Europe Board,

You can find more photos about Indian Eumind schools on
Facebook sites at:
(Remember to click LIKE ;-))

Please ASK MORE!
Pentti Pirhonen
Comp@ct Comenius Network, Chair
Eumind Network


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Frequently Asked Questions-EUMIND Frequently Asked Questions-EUMIND
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