KA1 Erasmus plus course. How to make your school more international

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Welcome to the site covering the topics of the Erasmus plus course 'How to make your school more international'
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Overview of our courses in schoolyear 2015-2016. Click here
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 General information 


Tailor made.

The programme of the course is tailor made. 

The participants choose min. two and max. five topics.
The course lasts seven days. Seven specific topics will be introduced each day.
The participants follow the general introductions each morning (one hour) and are free to concentrate on the topic of that day or on other chosen topics


1. Developing a school policy plan on internationalization. Day 2

2. How to become a good coordinator of internationalization? Day 2
3. Developing formats of international project work (both f2f and virtual). Day 3. 

4. How to set up a multilateral, bilateral, Regio Partnership in Erasmus Plus and how to apply successfully for a Erasmus Plus grant. Day 4 
5. How to develop the European and international dimension in the curriculum. Day 5. 
6. How to develop the intercultural competences of the teachers taking part in international projects. Day 6
7. How to take part in global virtual projects with schools in Asia? Day 6. 


Click here for the full programme

Methodology to be used for each of the topics.

Information. A general introduction on each of the topics. (One hour)

Sharing. Participants share experiences and expertise on the topic.

Creating output. Working individually or in groups on a concrete product to be used in the own school



Participants will fill out an intake form so that we can design the course as much as possible according to the level of experience and the concrete wishes of the participants.

A Mixt community will be set up one month before the course



The course participants will get a certificate of "Coordinator of internationalisation" . The course certificate will include a list of  competences acquired and of intellectual outputs (in progress or completed)


Post course support

The participants will have the option to take part in two Videoconferences of each 90 min. Each if the Videoconferences will deal with one topic. 


The course fee includes

40 hours of tuition and support (7 days)

Pre-course activities

Post-course support 




1. Ludo Mateusen

Ludo has a long experience as in-service teacher training on internationalization.

He has developed courses on internationalization of schools for the University of Leiden (Netherlands) 1993-1998 and for the Cath.Univ.Leuven (Belgium)  (1998-2005). He has given blended learning courses on 'How to write a school policy plan on internationalization"(2006-2012).  

2. Frans Schmitz.

Former principal of Udens College (Netherlands)

Former chairperson of the committee of internationalisation of the VO-raad (network of principals Secondary Education Netherlands)

3. Jan Hormann
Former international coordinator at the J.P. Thijsse College (Netherlands)
International coordinator of Eumind projects
Initiator and coordinator of Comenius projects at his school
E-twinning ambassador
National prize E-Twinning 2014 with the project


Support with the application of the course

Click on the link to find a detailed description of the course with a list of competences for each of the topics. 


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