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Erasmus+ KA 1 benchmarking courses 2015-16
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The next opportunities to attend to a #benchmarkingcourse in Helsinki will be in the school-year 2015 - 16. There will be both 5 days (Helsinki) and 7 days (Helsinki-Tallinn) courses, and also 3 days courses (Tallinn). The due date for new applications of Erasmus+ KA1 is March 4, 2015.
Please send your request to
Euneos, the provider of #benchmarkingcourse.
The venue of the courses will be Tikkurila upper secondary school in Helsinki capital city area. They introduce 600 tablets into their lessons this school-year, and prepare for digital tests of the Finnish maturity exam in 2016-19. Primary and secondary schools are also in transition from non-digital to digital.
In addition to the 5 benchmarking days in Finland, there is an option to benchmark education in Estonia for 2 days. The additional training days are organized in cooperation with Tallinn university.
The new courses in March 2015, as well as in 2015-16, will follow the well-proven model of the courses in September - October 2014. 95 % of the 43 participants assessed the two benchmarking courses very good/good. You can  read the assessments of the former participants.

Euneos helps you in applying for EU grants to fund the participation of your school or institution in Erasmus+ program of the EU. We are also open for Erasmus+ partnerships to promote innovative development in European schools.

You can also ask people directly in the Facebook group of benchmarking course,  and find photos and tweets in Twitter #benchmarkingcourse.
Please read also about other Erasmus+ KA1 courses of Euneos, or visit  the website of Euneos. And follow the latest discussions about Erasmus+ in our Facebook group for Tap-Swipe-Pinch.
Euneos provides EU courses since 2006 on a standing basis. PIC: 950782555.


Benchmarking Course Information Benchmarking Course Information
The 47 principals and teachers from 13 European countries had an awesome learning experience about education in Finnish schools in two Erasmus+ KA 1 benchmarking courses in Helsinki capital city area in September-October 2014. Clease click on the link to read more!
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”Benchmarking is the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or best practices from other industries. (Wikipedia)”
Euneos promotes collaboration of schools by organizing benchmarking courses in Finnish schools for your educational staff. Finland has a good reputation as a country with excellent PISA results. According to the OECD study in 2014 schools in Finland were the most productive in the world.
Benchmarking is important because the schools are changing from the use of non-digital to digital learning methods and devices. They are challenged by a great deal of new demands. Our courses help schools to innovate their teaching, studying and learning processes and to develop their working organizations. Please click on the links to articles below to read more.
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Benchmarking means steps forward in your thinking, professional skills and attitudes. You get a better idea about your European colleagues, and you improve your general and specific teaching skills. And you may also have a better understanding of ethical, social and political responsibilities of education. Benchmarking courses are there not only to raise the quality of schools but also to give more self-esteem to teachers and other educational staff.
Courses include 3 - 5 days visits to schools and to other educational institutions where participation in true learning situations is going to fresh up your professional skills. The target schools and the specific content of in-service training are defined individually for every course. The high level of teacher education explains a lot about the good PISA success of Finland, says the scientific research.
Now you can get your own impressions and knowledge by means of observation in classrooms and by digital apprenticeship with colleagues and students. Hands-on workshops help you to digest, reflect and restructure the large amount of input you get during the course.
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The collaborative work is prepared, executed, assessed and diagnosed in cooperation with your colleagues,with local trainers and with experts of Euneos.
Two courses in March 2015 Two courses in March 2015
Please click on the link to read about a new course March 2, 2015.
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How to apply for Benchmarking courses? How to apply for Benchmarking courses?
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